Simple is better than sensational

Wisdom from Kalidou Koulibaly. Simple is better than sensational.

When I returned from a little vacation, Rafa shut me in a room with the head of video analysis, and he was showing me all of my best plays. Sensational passes, dribbling, sliding tackles.

He says, “This, this and this?” 

I say, “Yes? It’s good, no?” 

He says, “Don’t do this shit anymore.” 

I say, “But I won the ball back!” 

It’s hard to translate the next part, but he says, “This is ass! You won it back because of your strength. If your opponent was smarter, you would be in trouble.” 

Then he shows me this other video. Very boring. Normal plays. 

He’s smiling and he says, “Yes! This is good. This is very good.” 

I say, “But, sir, these are simple plays.” 
He says, “Yes, Kouli, exactly.”