Redefining your relationship to . . .

Losing weight means, among other things, redefining your relationship to the sensation of hunger.

Hunger is the feeling of determination, not desperation. Welcome hunger as a signpost. You are on the right path. Have a glass of water. Chew some gum. Go do what you need to do. It will be lunchtime soon enough.

What about boredom? Whatever that feeling is, why not redefine it? When bored, I am too quick to pull out my phone to check r/nufc for the 8th time today. Boredom is the feeling of clarity. Empty mind. Peace.

In one of the Tim Ferriss podcast interviews with Seth Godin, Seth mentions Neil Gaiman’s method for writing a book: get really, really bored.

It’s yet another example of the One True Principle: run straight into your shitstorm.

  • Run straight into the shitstorm of hunger to lose weight.
  • Run straight into the shitstorm of boredom to find clarity.

The magic you seek is in the thing you avoid.