This is from Naval Ravikant.

Leverage comes in two flavors:

Permissioned leverage (you need someone else to agree):

  • Capital (can you use someone else’s money to amplify your results?)
  • People (will someone else work for you and let you keep the upside?)

Everyone wants capital, but someone has to give it to you. Everyone wants to be a leader. But will people follow you?

Permissionless leverage (you don’t need anyone to agree, and they have zero marginal cost of reproduction):

  • Product (create it once and it’s infinitely replicable, like code)
  • Media (books are infinitely replicable, for instance)

You acquire leverage by being accountable.

Do business as you, in your own name. Have skin in the game and the world will reward you with ownership (anything you achieve will belong to you), leverage (you are perceived as worth investing in (capital), worth following (labor)), and responsibility (you can be trusted).

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