The importance of hard edges

IF 16:8 works because there are clear borders. Don’t eat after 8 pm. Don’t eat before noon.

No matter whaaaaaaat.

Hat tip to Mike at Roxbury for that memory.

Hard edges work in other areas of life, too.

Hard edges stop the debating society inside your brain. You don’t need to use precious brain space to make decisions.

You’ve pre-decided. You did this when your objectives were clear and the tactics obvious. Later, in the heat of day-to-day distractions, those decisions are hard. It’s easy, in the distraction, to forget your decision or compromise on your goal.

“Oh, one little ice cream won’t make a difference.” Probably not to how fat you are.

But damage to your character? Incalculable. You told yourself you were one type of person: the type of person who sets a goal and does the hard work. But in fact you’re the short cut type of person.

The easiest person to lie to is yourself. But sooner or later you always wake up and smell the bullshit. Then you feel worse about yourself. Not only did you fail at your goal (losing weight, let’s say) but you also lost at the habit of being disciplined. The habit of setting a goal and sticking to it.

It’s far better to fail at the goal than to bullshit yourself. Tell yourself truths. Set and maintain standards. The payoff — success — is an inside job. The external consequences will fall however they fall.