The inner dialog

Took the train to work today. Right now I’m sitting on a bench 100 yards from the office. I need to remember this moment.

I listened to a podcast that finished just as I walked up to the station from home. Rather than fire up a new podcast, I decided to allow silence into my brain. Let’s see what happens.

Well. Judgment of course. Except I remembered acceptance. That everyone on the train, the trash by the tracks, the people in the cars, all of that just is. And it’s outside of me.

And each of those people on the train are as fully robust in their inside lives as I am. Hopes, fears, regrets, monkey brain. Everything.

Then walking to work after getting off the train. Still observing and accepting. Brain runs off. Accept. Come back. A pebble in the sidewalk. It is. The homeless guy. He is.

Today will be warm but now it’s glorious. I’m ever so slightly sweating from walking, and the cool air and evaporation of dampness and sweat from my shirt feels sublime.

I am.