Remember and surrender

Anderson used to say “Well thank goodness I know that. Now I never have to worry about it ever again.” And we would all laugh a bitter laugh because whatever lesson we had learned would, of course, be immediately forgotten. Eraserman!

It’s like Clancy said. “I threw in the towel. Things got better, so I picked up the towel. Then I spent the rest of my life tearing little strips off the towel and throwing them in.” He was talking about surrender as the first step in change.

The two ideas are related. It’s impossible to learn enough and remember enough so you know what to do in every future situation that will come to you.

Self-will run riot.

Stop asking yourself what to do. Ask God.

And that is easier than it sounds. Understand the basic principles. Once you know them (and forget and relearn and forget and relearn, for the rest of your life), you will know what to do in every circumstance. Especially if your inner conversation is with God, nor your own self.