First, get out of the ditch

Anderson used to say this. If you find yourself in the ditch (your headspace, that is), your first job is to get out of the ditch.

In fact it is your only job. Get back to thinking right.

And how do you do that? Easy.

Stop talking to yourself and start talking to God.

Listen to your self-talk. The things you say to yourself inside your head. Horrible noise, right? Stop it.

Well, you can’t suppress it. But you can supplant it. Start talking to God instead. That’s your self-talk. A conversation with God.

I did this a lot in the early days. Full-blown conversations (well, one-sided!) with me telling God what I was feeling and thinking. Magically it would make me feel better. Because I would start to see the judgmental thoughts I had about other people and things–and allow me to drop those thoughts.

Because judgmental thoughts about others sooner or later become judgmental thoughts about yourself. And they are never “Hey, you’re doing pretty well today!” thoughts. Always critical, never kind.

You will fall into the ditch. You’re human. As soon as you find yourself there, climb out of the ditch. By talking to God.