Long term experiments to build intentionality

I’ve tried a few different things in my life just to see what it was like and to see if I could learn something. For example, I was a vegetarian for a few months many years ago. I didn’t decide to try it thinking I’d stick with it. Really, I just thought it’d be interesting to learn about it and to see what it was like. I hoped I’d learn something from it. I did learn something from it; after those few months, the way I shopped for food was different. What I found was, I didn’t actually need anywhere near the amount of meat I was used to buying. (I love meat too, so it surprised me).

I also tried eating only organic food and only buying food whose ingredients I could actually identify. Those few months were a little harder than being a vegetarian for a bit. In part that was because my food shopping took much longer. Unsurprising really, because I had to read the labels of everything I wanted to buy.

These little experiments are really about intentionality and the choices we make every day.

Emphasis added. Source: a web developer talking about how to strip a WordPress site of cookies. In addition to useful technical information, he delivered an unexpected spiritual Easter Egg.

I sometime flog myself for picking up a topic and driving it deeply for a while–then dropping it. The self-flagellation revolves around messages of discipline and persistence.

With a slight change of perspective, these deep dives can be seen just as this author sees his experiments–as experiments. And the act of experimentation is valuable within itself. The point of the experiment is to timebox it.

It’s really all about how you frame it.