The intersection of strive and strain

How to Live on 24 Hours a Day, Chapter 33.

It came up on shuffle in Spotify.

A brand new (to me) idea presented itself to my consciousness. He is talking about reading, and why to avoid fiction.

When striving for success, you are looking at tasks where simultaneously one part of you is striving for success, while the other part of you desperately seeks to shirk the discomfort and strain required.

That’s the crux you should strive to occupy. That’s where you know you are in growth mode.

Novels are all striving to complete a ripping yarn (at best) and no strain at all. Reading Cryptonicon was like that for me.

Therefore, no growth.

Memo to self: grab a paper copy of the little book.

Meta memo to self. You were running on a hot Saturday afternoon. At 4.5 km you were hot and a bit dizzy after running mostly uphill the whole time. So you decided to break the hard edge commitment to “run a nonstop 5 km” and walk, in the name of health and sanity.

I doubt I would have heard the message, but for the fact that I was walking when the words came out of the reader’s mouth. Payoff!

I promptly sat down on the curb and wrote this.

The old timers were right. If I got what I wanted when I was new, I would have shortchanged myself.