Shit or ice cream?

When presented with someone who would persist in making bad decisions, Anderson would ask:

Do you know the difference between shit and ice cream?

The answer, usually indignant, was “Of course I know the difference!”

Anderson would then respond:

Well, why don’t you try eating ice cream instead of shit?

Anderson actually would demonstrate this by telling a story on himself–that a wise friend had asked him the “shit or ice cream?” question. Anderson was a kind, happy man.

His point:

  • You have a choice of what type of mental inputs you can choose. Are you going to read spiritual books? Or are you going to read shit?
  • You have a choice about your internal mental state. Are you going to talk to yourself? Or are you going to talk to God?
  • You have a choice in your activities. Are you choosing the good, the uplifting? Or are you wasting time–or worse, doing something actively destructive?
  • You have a choice in your interaction with others. Are you going to give them (metaphorical) ice cream? Or are you going to treat them like shit?