It doesn’t give you a license to be an asshole

Interesting observation–how many times I have thought recently about what Anderson used to say.

What a blessing to have met him and spend time with him. World War II Navy vet. Motorcycle gang. Elementary school education. Diesel mechanic. Self-taught and possibly as spiritual a man as I have ever met. A real Man.

He had stomach cancer surgery within a week of me entering the rooms. I didn’t meet him for a while. He was in the hospital, recovering. He had a 5% chance of recovery. Yet he lived for seven years, a chemo pump on his hip at all times. Hairless from the chemo. Had to sleep sitting in a chair.

And always in good cheer. “See this thing here?” he would say, pointing at the chemo pump. “This doesn’t give me a license to be an asshole.”

Funny story. He made that “license to be an asshole” point many times. One time in a Q and A session a woman excused her bad behavior and attitude because of her menstrual cycle. Anderson did the chemo pump/license to be an asshole answer. Point made.

Remember that. It, whatever “it” is, doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole.