The puzzle piece metaphor

From the July 25, 2019 Tropical MBA podcast, an interesting metaphor . . . .

Think of each of us as a jigsaw puzzle piece. Each of us has a different shape, size, color, etc. yeah, we are all unique snowflakes.

No. Really, we are. Think of all of the possible combinations of genetic and environmental variables and do the math.

One approach to life — promoted by corporate America and Assembly-Line Education, is to spew all of these unique puzzle pieces out into the world and jam them into pre-existing holes.

That’s not going to work very well — for the puzzle or for the person.

The other approach — which the TMBA hosts promote — is to recognize who you are and assemble the picture around yourself. This is The Entrepreneur’s Way. The Founder’s Way.

Recognize who you are, what you are good at and what you’re not good at.

The founder/market fit is something that people talk about in business. It’s not hard. If you are a skilled fisherman, don’t go elk hunting with a bow and arrow. Play the game you’re good at.

Know yourself. Create the conditions around you that complement and support you.

That’s business. What about the inner game?

That’s pretty simple, too. Don’t follow fads. Don’t swallow dogma whole. Know yourself. Test everything you’re told. Slowly assemble an understanding of truth for yourself.