Doomsday thinking

Why does the brain so frequently go to doomsday thinking? It’s convinced that everything is going to turn to shit and it’s time to buy a cheap van to live in.

In face, quite the contrary. Experience tells me that in fact the world is not going to hell, my life is not going to hell, and it’s not just a matter of time before I’m going to be living in a van.

Experience tells me that things are never as bad as I imagine. And with a bit of quiet time (sometimes quite a bit, admittedly!) it becomes obvious that things aren’t bad at all.

They just are.

And they are changing right now anyway.

So if your brain is in doomsday mode, remember these lessons. You have learned them a thousand times already. Writing them down here will help because Eraserman wipes out all memories.

  • It looks bad because you have decided it is bad. See if you can decide it is good, and notice the change. Or better yet, see it as neutral, inert — like a small rock on the side of a hill. Why get worked up over a rock?
  • There is only change. There is no stasis. So if something is unbearably bad and “change your thinking” doesn’t work, just know that regression to the mean works. If life is shit now, it will get less shit in fairly short order.
  • It only looks bad because you’re thinking about it. Stop thinking about it and the bad feeling ceases to exist. Use the method of displacement. Talk to God and not to yourself.

When the doomsday brain offers to take the wheel of my metaphoric bus, say no thanks. Don’t even let him talk about where the bus is going. He has a terrible sense of direction.

And stay out of r/vandwellers. 😀 Don’t feed the troll inside your head.