Cause and effect—and your brain

I have gone, in the course of a week or so, from being unhappy, overwhelmed, and resentful to peaceful, open-minded, and grateful.


Well, one thing to remember is that things change. Too often, when we’re in the depths of despair we forget that this is not permanent. If you do nothing else but stand still, the world around you changes.

It’s like being at the beach and the water level is too high and the waves are bashing you around. If you can just stand there for a while, the tide goes out. You can deal with the ocean and the current.

This is the power of patience and persistence, the power of knowing the difference between things you can’t control and the things you can.

But the other thing that has made a difference is the new habit I have acquired. This journal.

Every day I wake up and read a bit. At the moment it’s Marcus Aurelius or Seneca. This will change in time. Other authors will cycle into the book pile b

Then I write here.

It helps me remember. “Remember” in the larger sense. The 4th Way sense.

It helps me be grateful.

It slows me down. Twice last week I stopped walking, found a place to sit, and made a little entry here. Something deeply good came to mind and I wrote it down.

I am writing here precisely for this result. Read a bit. Write a bit. Get out of the ditch, hopefully prevent yourself from falling into the ditch so easily next time.