Your best thought got you here

“Your best thinking got you here.”

The old dudes would tell that to me.

There was one old guy (Al) who would put it this way. He said it was an equation:

Your absolutely most brilliant ideas + your strongest efforts + your exercise of fierce willpower + your conception of God = the room you’re sitting in right now.

I forget his exact words. He was eloquent and pithy. My dim memory doesn’t do it justice, because everyone in the room would always burst into laughter when he said it the way he said it.

Each of us would hatch ingenious ideas of how we were going to accomplish amazing things. That’s how our brains work. Always scheming. And we knew, in our hearts, that were were schemers. And our schemes were dust.

Each of us knew in our hearts that we had thrown every ounce of energy at trying to make life work properly, to our own satisfaction. And had failed utterly.

Each of us knew we had insanely strong willpower. We would continue down our favored path long after everyone else had bailed out.

And each of us, in our own way, had absolutely no God whatsoever. Even the dutiful churchgoers. Hells bells. Remember that you had a priest as a trudging buddy for a while!

It was the oldtimers’ way of saying “What we know is Lindy. What you know is the product of a self-indulgent, self-justifying, self-centered mind. Why don’t you try something proven to work?”

So when Al said these words it would trigger a recognition of deep truth. Yes, Al, that’s me. My mind is now open, if only for a moment. I am receptive. What do I do next?