Life as an unbroken chain

I’ve been thinking of my life as a chain of days. This metaphor is useful to keep my head out of the “when and then” — when event X happens then I will be happy.

Because the day after event X I will still be alive. What will my head tell me? It will probably not keep me on a perpetual high of happiness for having achieved event X. ๐Ÿ˜€

Indeed, based on prior experience and the experience of others, I am confident that one of two things will be true:

  • Event X did not, in fact, bring me happiness; or
  • Event X brought me happiness but the happiness faded quickly.

No, the reality seems to be that event X happens and then the next day, there I am with event X in my memory and the question of “now what?” in my head.

Each day is a new link on a chain going back to my birth. The day I die is the first day that “one more link” does not happen.

This helps me to not take “achievements” seriously, in and of themselves. So what that I ran 7 km yesterday in the heat? Feel good about that when you’re doing it — and having done it. Today is another day in the chain. Today is another hot day. Uphill is still there.

So today is a good day to run 7.1 km. Another link in the chain.

Microprogression. ๐Ÿ‘

It’s a chain. My ability to run uphill for 3.5 km and then back down is based on who knows how many prior runs — when I couldn’t even complete a 5km run on flat ground. (But I would always finish the 5 km, walking. Vital that I point this out to my future self. Do the task to completion in order to show your brain that you are that kind of man. “No matter whaaaaaaaat”, as Mike F. used to say.) Chain of runs.

(Just to put it here. The running has a definite aim: “10k. Every day.” That’s my goal. A chain of days with 10km of running every day.)

So too in other affairs. Mental states. Life tasks. Relationships. Everything is an unending chain, one day leading to the next.

Will today’s link be stronger?

Yes, if it is a nonzero day.