There is something there that I don’t see

Something happens and it doesn’t make sense to me. I’m irritated.

One simple explanation: I don’t have the full picture. I don’t understand what is really going on.

Simple example: M starts her business. It is immediately successful and profitable–in a notoriously difficult and fickle segment of retail.

Yet she is not doing all of the things that I know to be important to running a profitable business. Tax stuff. Paperwork. SOPs. Marketing.

The piece that I couldn’t see? The stuff that I don’t know. She knows the product viscerally. She knows her customers.

So what looks like magic to me is not magic. It is just knowledge and skill that I don’t have. Indeed, it is probably knowledge and skill that I don’t have — and for which I have an innate blind spot. I don’t know that I don’t know.

This is not a discourse on business. This is a comment on life. On seeing things happen mysteriously. It’s probably not luck. It’s not magic.

No, the answer is that I have a blind spot — probably fueled by an over-investment in the superior value of my own knowledge and wisdom. I can’t see past how fabulous I am.

Result? Envy. Bitterness at myself–why do they (whoever “they” are) get all the goodies (whatever the “goodies” are) and I don’t? It’s unfair and I’m a loser.

I tend to think that what I know well is what matters most.


Think of what I know, compared to all of the possible knowledge in the world. My knowledge and skill is a rounding error. My share of knowledge is the size of an electron in the universe.

Remember that. Show up and contribute what you know. Stand back and admire what other people know, just like you stood and admired the mouth of the Russian River today, emptying into the Pacific Ocean.

There is always something I don’t see. Something I don’t know. It is the invisible propelling force for visible results.

Both the force and its results are immaterial to me. So don’t get all worked up when your knowledge and efforts are immaterial to the results.

And be happy that you get to witness cool stuff — mysteries (to you) — happen.