Living my imagined life now

Thanks to a trite wallpaper I downloaded to my iPhone, I have had a slow-dawning realization.

I am, today, living the dream I imagined for myself 20 years ago. Right now. Sitting outside under a tree beside my office building in the pleasant summer of Southern California, listening to the water fountain. It’s a beautiful place.

Life is good. Better in fact than I could have imagined. It’s the old saying, isn’t it? If I had received what I wanted then, I would have short-changed myself.

Ah. Nothing remarkable about looking back with gratitude. It is an excellent practice, basic but well-known.

Here is the realization.

Roll myself forward 5 years, 10 years, 20 years. Or even one year. What life do I imagine for myself then? Who am I? How do I feel?

Now. In my head, I say “I am living that imagined life RIGHT NOW.”

Because I am. I am living the necessary precursor steps to that future me.

A physical change comes over me when I do that. It’s hard to explain except that I get the sensation that I am physically manifesting the future greatness RIGHT NOW. Things are clearer. I stand taller. I am peaceful.

And then I think and take action accordingly.

Because I think and take action accordingly RIGHT NOW, the future imagined will become real in time. Or more likely, a future better than I can imagine right now.