The healing power of now

If there is something to be done, do it now. Do it badly, do it well. That doesn’t matter. Do it now.

Now. Done.

If you wait for later, you are adding to a massive pile of commitments to yourself that you have made. “I have to renew my driver’s license online. I will do it later.”

Then you don’t do it. You don’t track it, so you forget it until your brain brings it up and says “Get it done!” and delivers a little anti-endorphin dose to make you feel bad.

Or you track it and your to-do list becomes unwieldy, so you don’t look at it. (This is my approach). And you feel bad about yourself for not keeping up with your to do list.

Do you know why you feel bad? Because you are lying to yourself. And you know it.

Stop lying to yourself. You will feel better.

Lies are promises we make to ourselves that we don’t keep.

Simple solution. A task that is done is not a promise to do a task. So you can’t lie about doing it in the future because it’s done. Now.

There are a host of second order benefits from this do it now approach to life.

Each action you take, each thing you learn, puts you in a different place with different capabilities and knowledge and preference sets.

You can see future opportunities if you act on present tasks. It’s like stepping stones across a river. Only by stepping on the first rock can you see what the next two or three steps will be.

But most important is the inside you. You are a “doer”. You’ll feel great.

Done. Now.