The easy stuff: Apple Watch

Low hanging fruit first. It’s a fine strategy. I like to refer to this as weeding the garden first before embarking on major landscaping. After you clear the weeds and prune the trees you might find some stuff you want to keep.

First on the “weed the garden” list? My Apple Watch.

The only valuable thing about the Apple Watch is its ability to track my running. Other than that, it is a distraction. And worse yet, it is a subtle annoyance.

Distraction is obvious. The damn thing pings and buzzed and rings. Yes, there are settings to silence it. But that’s like buying a Lamborghini to drive 27 mph in traffic. It’s not what the tool was designed to do.

Annoyance? It’s specific to my intentions and needs. I bought the Apple Watch (cellular version) on the theory that I could stream podcasts and Spotify while running.

Sadly and for reasons unknown to me, the Apple Watch is deliberately crippled. Overcast works now (thank you) by uploading podcasts to my watch, but Spotify doesn’t work without the iPhone present. Apple Music allows cellular streaming but it is shit. I did the free trial (twice) and abandoned it in short order. I got the family plan and none of the kids could be bothered to try it, either.

Revealed preferences—the only thing that matters. (Sue me. I’m an Econ major).

The Apple Watch doesn’t do what I want it to do. And it interrupts me by default. The conclusion is obvious, even to me.

If I launch my “90 Days to A Boring Life” test, my Apple Watch will be the first thing to go. In fact, I left it at home today and I’m happy. So it may be gone permanently, with or without the Boring Test.

New rule: I wear my old (30+ years) analog watch. The Apple Watch is for running only. And probably will be passed down to one of the kids and be replaced with a tool designed for running.

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