The world is going to hell

The world is going to hell. Kids these days. Etc.

It’s easy to look at external events and be critical. Or worse yet, be noisily critical. “They were doing it wrong, and I told them so!” is how Anderson used to laughingly poke fun at himself.

Yes, “they” might be doing “it” “wrong”.

Or not.

Who appointed you as the omniscient, omnipotent Eye? Answer: no one. And you’re not.

So what should I do in the face of apparent wrong-doing, stupidity, or self-destruction?

I’m not sure about the outward actions that are appropriate. But I am sure about the inward. It’s the old “be the change you want to see” statement. Work on yourself. Be serious about the inner man.

Build from there. Attraction rather than promotion is the key. Preaching and haranguing will at best create an ephemeral result, so don’t do that.

Because the ephemeral change you see is counterbalanced with a hidden permanent resistance caused by the preaching. Always there is balance. And you do not want to create the possibility of a permanently closed mind. Then you have doomed that person to the inability to change. The classic example: “Do you know what your problem is? Lemme tell you!”

The person knows what his problem is! Putting your finger exactly on the pain point and pushing it — well, this is where resistance and defensiveness comes from. You can see the gates clang shut.

So STFU and live a good life. Avoid playing God. Virtue may or may not prevail. It’s not within your power to force virtue to prevail anyway.

Be sure virtue is within you, and allow it to permeate out to open minds you may meet. Because they are out there — silently watching you.