What is boring?

Well, the first problem is to decide what boring means. How will I know if I’m succeeding in making a boring life for myself?

For my purposes, I’m going to say free time with no commitments and no duties screaming at me to do them.

Like tonight. After dinner I opened the freezer and threw away some old stuff in there until I felt like I was done. Then I stopped. The freezer isn’t perfect. But I’m done for now.

Then I was agitated about what to do. Work. Plan. THINK DEEP THOUGHTS. Make sure that Reddit is still there.

Go to bed — I’m recovering from a sinus infection, after all. That’s boring.

I think that sums it up. Boring is nothing to do from outside pressure. Boring is turning off the mental hamster wheels like Reddit. Boring is not pushing harder for that extra 4% effort of work before bed.

Just do dumb stuff like clean out the freezer, sit and breathe, or communicate with family. Which ain’t so dumb, really. Which is why I think pursuing boredom is a worthwhile goal.

I think that’s where I want to go.

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