Boredom is fractal

I continue to think about what boredom means. It’s not obvious.

One thing it’s not . . . monotonous. Activities can be fractal. The smaller the activity box, the more variety we find.

OMG. You’re going to sit and read a book at night? Yep. Can you imagine how fractal it is to reread Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson? That book can light 1,000 thought rockets in your head in an evening. And that’s one book.

It’s polar opposite is Meditations. Simple journaling by a Roman Emperor. One sentence, one phrase is all it takes to open a door you didn’t even know was there.

Running. Doing the same 5k loop I have done so many times before. This time it’s different. Physically difficult this time, or effortless. Mind full of imaginary arguments with someone I will never meet, or dial tone brain.

Just read. “Boring!” Just run. “Boring!”


The Kingdom of God is within. Seeking boredom just may be a pathway there.

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