What to learn from everyone else

Everyone else also thinks it’s about them.

Easy! If you want to connect with your fellow biped, think about them, not yourself. 😀 I mean that in the St. Francis Prayer sense.

Everyone else is in a hurry.

Do fewer things, slower and better.

Everyone else is afraid.

Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus figured this out for me. I’m going to die. So will everyone around me. Now what is there to be afraid of?

Everyone else wonders if they’re being left behind.

I am fortunate to have learned that lesson from my father at age 18. I took off for New Zealand after high school instead of going straight to college. I wanted to go, but I was afraid I would fall behind by spending a year working and traveling instead of going to school. “Fall behind what?” he asked.

There is no timetable. We live. We die. In between, there are no measuring sticks except one’s own internal measures so emphasized by the Stoics. And the Carpenter.

Everyone else is tired.

Slow down. Do less. Look at a tree. You’ll feel better and paradoxically get “more” “done”, “better”. (Hint: you will reconsider and revise your definition of “done” and “more” and “better” by doing this).

Everyone else isn’t sure, either.

The Kingdom is within. That’s where certainty lies. I’m not sure when I am looking at things outside my control. Stoics. Serenity Prayer. Remember these to find clarity and certainty.

The good news is that everyone else also has unused potential and the ability to make an impact.

Everyone else will take care of themselves. You take care of you. I will take care of me. For myself, I will laugh at myself, utter the words “the tyranny of soft expectations”, remember that nothing bad can befall me, and go for it.

Because if the Kingdom of God is within, and if I take care of my side of the street (Serenity Prayer style) . . . what could possibly go wrong? I have all I need. Treat every opportunity as an exceedingly interesting science experiment with a sample size of N = 1.

Thank you Seth Godin for planting another seed.