Four kinds of luck

This is the Naval Ravikant formulation:

Blind luck. This is the lottery ticket style of luck. Something happens because of randomness. A fish found me and jumped in my boat.

Luck from hard work. “Shake the box” luck. Through sheer hustle you increase the probability of a random event. More hooks in the water. Go to lots of different lakes. “Fortune favors the bold.”

Luck from preparation. Because of your efforts you are smarter than most other people and can select for higher probability outcomes. You look at a lake and see where fish congregate because you deeply understand fish behavior. You go there to fish. This is Louis Pasteur’s luck: “Chance favors a prepared mind.”

Magnetic luck. Luck that comes from your unique character. You develop yourself to have a unique combination of abilities. This isn’t luck at all. This is reversing causation. In the prior three, you are a hunter. In this one you are a gatherer. You create the conditions that draw occurrences to you. Or you are a catalyst and people who want reactions come to you.

Here is a blog post – the transcript of a podcast – where he talks about this fourth type of luck.